What 3 things does anyone starting in the music industry need to know?

Dedication and patience and just simply being you is the key to achieving what you want in the music industry.

What would you do differently if you were starting in the music industry now?

I would educate myself on how the game works it’s more than just making music building connections/ marketing strategies and more.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

My father has influenced me a lot by coming to Canada as an immigrant and making it to where he is right now, a very successful and respected community leader. It shows you anything is possible.

What would you say is the #1 key to success in the music industry?

Consistency is the key goal above all.

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

I don’t really look at anything as failures I just look at them like lessons I gotta engage with my fans more and keep the buzz going I guess.

What has been your biggest accomplishment? Why do you think it was a success?

Downfall with Robin banks which got over a million views/streams being a part of that legendary song for Toronto was a big success for me and collaborating with a bunch of talented musicians.

What keeps you going when things get tough in the music industry?

The fans who DM me pushing me to drop music and family & friends I got doing the same, just reminding me I got a special talent and I got to go harder.

What made you pursue being a musician full-time?

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing something they love? it’s a dream come true!

Would you ever sign a record deal or stay independent?

if the price is right and it makes sense I wouldn’t hesitate.

What projects are you working on for 2022?

I will be dropping a tape hopefully by mid-Feb with some special features on it, along with some dope videos stay tuned it’s going to be a good year for the BLVD and Toronto.


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