Hi! Introduce yourself, what is your name?
Whats the word man, its KingConn i jus be goin by Conn for real my family used to call me Dj when i was a youngin i always been attached to the music in some way fr lmao

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?
Man i started this music shit as a joke fr I always hadda deep connection on the listening side of music but i never really thought about rap or even thought i could rap i never been the creative type but ig that jus because i never found something i was really interested in. I just started makin music inna group wit some of the guys from my school n that feelin a putting my thoughts to the paper when i usually keep everything inside then hearing the final after i put it onna beat i realized i finally found my creativity wit something the melodies n the flows in the music. Its a different feeling seeing your thoughts turn into a art like that especially when i never been the one to communicate well its a feeling that i still get when making music today. First starting every song i made was wit the group but i eventually broke off to try n take this music shit serious an see what i can really do.

Where are you from? When did you start music?
Im from Las vegas a nevada baby fs but i moved to tha 360 around Seattle pretty young so i definitely call this place a home and ill never neglect dat cause thats jus who i am , be greatful for the things that made you bad or good even tho i used to fr hate this place when i first came here. Like I started before i started making music wit a group called legacyK about 4 years ago 2018 or 19 jus for fun as a joke i aint really take nun serious until like 2 years in when started doing my own thing an found my own studio

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?
Man probably jus losing people close to me battling my own thoughts dealin with movin to a new place with a bunch of people that aint nothing like me dont look like me talk like me have the same interests as me damn near was was the only black person in my hs n its hard to meet people in this town where i come from in nevada all the houses actually be on a block side by side yo friends all be inna mile distance you can walk to school basically im jus sayin you can meet all type people but out here in kingston you gotta get picked up or driven or start gettin stoleys to go link wit the guys n then get caught up doin some dumb shit so i aint really meet alot of new people
So yeah those probably the 3 things most challenging i deal with Loss my own thoughts and being alone but surrounded by people

Who inspires you the most musically?
Im a R&B baby FS my mom used to play all type of stuff boys to men,keith sweat , dru hill , usher you feel me when he had dat U Chain lmao. I used to not even like to listen to rap but when i got older and going through shi it started to hit different so when you listen to my music youll hear i bring alot of singing and rapping together i listen to alot of rod wave , yungeenace, polo g, juice , thats my type vibe fr but some of the nixxas i been meeting in the music industry out here in seattle lately been inspiring me to go harder and with these next couple songs im dropping ive definitely started to find my own sound

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
Growth, ive come crazy far the last couple years when i really started taking this serious
I got a passion for makin good music and people gon see whatever you put your all into you can make something out of it. Everything i rap about real life so it be sad and negative sometime but i always try and throw a lil positivity whether its jus a bar or a whole chorus but theres gotta be some inspiration or maybe motivation in my songs to balance out the drill n drug talk.

Other than that What i want you to take away from my music is whatever you want to take away from it i make music for every type of emotion or atleast thats the goal, sad music , spin music, happy music, inspiration music, bag music any type of emotion you feelin i want you to be able to think of my name and be able to find a song that goes with how you feeling. I wanna be versatile i am versatile and dont ever wanna be put inna box People might also take away the grind and consistency once they realize how much i really put this music in they face.

What is the purpose driving you to pursue music?
Like i said before i really love music i always hadda heavy relationship wit it since a yougin so at the end of the day i really just wanna make the best music i possibly can for myself when i leave the studio i know if i have a good or bad song because i dont lie to myself no one can push me more than i push myself i have to exceed my expectations every time in the studio or whats the point its still fun to me forsure but i treat it alot more seriously now. Behind that we really jus chasing a bag always 24/7 for my family and the couple guys that really been by my side so i can get em anything they want for all the sacrifices made for me type shit you know how it goes

What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?
I aint gon lie im really jus getting started in this shit ive been stacking my catalogue getting ready to really put this in your face i got a couple songs wit 100k on spotify i got a song wit Ysnflow someone else motivating in this game but 2023 is really my year. This the year to get some accolades started but i aint even really lookin for that i jus want people to recognize the good music and work i been puttin in

Whats your music process like? How do you you write your songs?
I write everything in my phone and know how my whole song gon go before i go in the studio i really dont be in there to play around ill smoke my weed maybe drink a lil but it gotta be work the whole time i usually get my inspiration for music when im alone so thats when i write. i never force shit cause i want all my music to be exactly how im feeling n authentic so if nothing comes to my head ion write its gotta jus be pure in the moment off a inspiration i be using alot of youtube beats i be terrible at describing my beats but i know what i want when i hear it fs. All my songs got a different vibe and flow so thats what most important to me i be tryna catch your ear ion play no instruments so i be tryna sing to make up for it type shit i start the process to all my song by finding the melody and flow ima use then i put the words to the flow.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?
Ima keep it 100 thouwow i aint really looking to work wit any artist rn thats not sayin i dont like nixxas an allat but i jus been hoed alot in this music industry already n im jus getting started nixxas jus want bread i aint seen no genuine love for the music being made anymore and that make me not want to lock in wit anyone especially not for no money. If we have a genuine relationship an i like your music we can lock it but other than that im cool right now. Everyone i wanna make music with right now i have already or im in contact with

Tell us about any new songs or projects you have coming out?
I got a couple slower lover type songs coming out for the month of February one of them with my boy Prophit. No projects in the works right now jus putting out singles and videos for a little bit gon grow some support and then drop a EP probably. The next couple of months tho im really gonna be flooding with music tho really put it in your face. i already have a ep i put out called “drown till dawn” yall can go check out on all platforms and when you do go listen to my most recent song after that and hear the crazy difference in growth i was talking about.,

What does a day inside your shoes look like?
I be working everyday at my 6am – 4 job to support my music shit cause you know this shit really be expensive af but you HAVE to invest in yourself n I learned that plus i got my lil side hussles nixxas gotta do to get this pape you feel me so sometimes i be doing that after work plus jus working on anything music related wether thats covers, marketing , videos , finding locations , writing, or jus thinking of ideas n i pretty much smoke weed through out my whole life process. Everyday lately been pretty much about the music but at the same time i dont force it if that make sense but i aint have to be forcing it i just been on a different type of time recently

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?
I aint even gon lie i dont even wan do no more talking , less talking more action ima talk wit my actions. All ima say is ima different kind of artist and people gon relate go listen to my music KingConn on all platforms if you really wanna learn more about the type or person i am i put everything in the music.

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