Q.) To start, will you introduce yourself for those who aren’t already aware?

A.) Afro Preachah, Hip-Hop Funk artist.

Q.) Where did your name come from?

A.)    It came from my producer and friend J. Griff.  Early 2000’s. He would always say “Man, you sound just like a preacher when you’re singing and rhyming.  Know what, I got the perfect name. Afro Preachah.  To be honest I was not with it at first.  But it soon made sense. That day Minnesota hip-hop funk was born!

Q.) What role or roles do you currently play in the music community?

A.)   Sometimes I wear many hats being an independent artist. I’m the leading artist in Minnesota that keeps the Minneapolis funk sound in the roots of my hip-hop style. Mostly a performing artist, CEO of my brand and self-manage.  Also, mentor for a few twin cities local artists.

Q.) When did you realize a career in music was what you’d be pursuing and what made you realize it?

A.)    I always knew I wanted to do something in music.  I just couldn’t focus on what because I did some of my things. So, in the mid 90’s I ran into one of my best friends Dirty Brown at a rap battle I was in downtown Minneapolis. We started our first group called 3rd Eye out of southside Minneapolis. Dirty’s cousins Super Power and Byron Baker were our producers. Learned a lot about the business from them.  Once we actually finished our first album I knew it was on!  When Afro Preachah happened mid 2000s my big bro’s Griff and Charles Hinton a.k.a. Prynce Charles did my first photoshoot. Griff let me use his truck.  After the first pic Prynce Charles says, “Yeah, you got what it takes to be independent Afro.  You got this baby!”  I took off!

 Q.) Given its harsh demeanor, what is one of the better parts of being in the music industry for you personally?

A.)  To be completely honest.  Like raw uncut honest.  The DJ crew that supports me.  The relationship I have with DJ. Warlord (FL), DJ. Dime (MN) and the Worldwide Fleet DJs is second to none! Best thing I love about the fleet?  They are not going to kiss your ass. But, if you’re working hard they have your back.

Q.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

A.) Being one of the top live performers and music business men in my field.

Q.) Speaking musically and generally, who have been the 2 most influential people in your life?

A.)    Wow, that’s tough to pin down to just 2.  My grandfather Dr. Rev James Porter Sr. had a 5-man team.  I took from his example.  Musically my producers FLAMESQUADDJMC AND LST. My music breaker DJ. Warlord.  Generally, my personal manager Al Bell and my Kungfu teacher/master Sifu Stormm.   

Q.) What excites you most about being an artist?

A.)    I would have to say the creation process.  I love creating new ideas for my fans.  Seeing how fans react to original content is what I really enjoy the most.

Q.) What separates you from the rest in such an oversaturated industry?

A.)    The discipline to stick to my musical roots. These days it seems so hard getting original music from new artists these days.  So many are caught up in sounding like the last artist that so called hit is big.  I believe an oversaturated market is the perfect place to show your’ originality. My sound is a fusion of the Minnesota funk, gospel sounds hip-hop that wouldn’t be possible without Rev. James Porter Jr., Prince, Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Q.) What’s driving you?

A.)    The love of the art, the music and fashion. Driving my culture to a more positive light through my art form.

Q.) What are you currently working on?

A.)     Few things in the fire right now.  New music video for my new single “GETDOWN”.  Music by LST.  New single and video dropping first quarter of 2023. Music also by LST.  New content from me and producer FlamesquadDJMC. Our project Kungfu Galaxy is buzzing.  Also new Chuuch-Clothes merch for the winter season.


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