Hi Stanton.! How are you?

Hi! Doing great all things considered. The family and I are in good health. Blessed and honored to be doing this interview.

Where are you from?

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Moved around a lot though. I spent most of my adolescent years in Chihuahua Mexico, then moved back to the 204 a couple years back.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

Personal experiences in life and love, I think. I try to take the punk rock influences of my younger days and mix them in with hip-hop to make music that resonates.

What are 3 words that describe your music?

Infectious, Introspective, Bi-polar

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

The hardest subject from an emotional perspective I’ve ever written about would have to be acute depression or death of close loved ones for sure. Exploring those emotions isn’t fun, but it almost feels healthy to get them out of the way. Put thoughts to music, and process. You know?

What are the challenges of being an artist?

For me, the biggest challenges of being an artist is finding enough time to get creative and make moves. Being a new, independent artist without industry contacts means I’m starting at zero. I find getting my mind off daily responsibilities, work, etc. takes time and effort. As soon as the mind is clear ideas start to flow and making music comes easy.

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

I just released “Someone feat. Corey Darnell”, which is doing really well, and am currently working on an album that should be ready to drop in early 2021.

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