Is it the unique accent- a colorful variety of hair- the entertaining music-the wisdom beyond her years- the selfless attitude- the outspoken personality -or the message in her music that caught our attention?

It’s actually all that and much more.

Vibrant, passionate, electrifying with a vision that surpasses her upbringing, breaking typecasts, while elevating and empowering her audience. ANJEZA is a renaissance woman of modern times. With a background in dance, film, and writing, this Latin urban artist is paving a new path for women in the urban industry. With hits like “Playa y Arena”, “Ninguna Como Yo”, “Ahora Quien No Te Quiere Soy Yo”, “Bailalo”, “Soy Yo” – a collaboration with billboard artist, Harryson- national and international radio plays, worldwide performances she is consistent in her work and message- “Uniting the world and empowering women”

Her recent video “Ahora Quien No Te Quiere Soy Yo” introduces a powerful mental message of the inner fight between dark and light. Entertaining music, powerful images, strong lyrics, hot dance moves – She is a waterfall of talents.


In a male-dominated genre of music, ANJEZA stands confidently delivering the beauty and the beast through her sensual spicy melodies and raw impeccable rhythm. Unapologetic in her vision – consistent in her work deliverance- and authentic in her style she is on her way to building an unforgettable path for women in music.

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