Seattle-based rapper Anthony Hale is set to release his latest single, “Whom Shall I Fear?” The track draws inspiration from Psalm 27 and explores Hale’s own experiences of facing adversity and finding strength in his faith. The song features a more aggressive sound than Hale’s recent work, with hard-hitting drums and powerful lyrics that speak to the challenges of facing condemnation and fear.

Produced and mixed by Sajan Nauriyal, “Whom Shall I Fear?” is a collaboration between two talented artists who share a passion for creating music that inspires and uplifts listeners. Hale’s decision to take a departure from his usual style and explore new sounds is a testament to his willingness to take creative risks and push boundaries as an artist.

As Hale gears up for the release of his latest single, he remains committed to using his music to spread a positive message and connect with fans old and new. With a number of shows planned for the spring and summer in the Northwest, he’s excited to bring his unique blend of faith and hip-hop to audiences around the region. For fans of Hale’s music, “Whom Shall I Fear?” is sure to be an exciting and inspiring addition to his growing catalog.

Listen on Spotify below: