Aim for the large paintings
In case your living room does not look spacious and you want to make it look spacious, large paintings is the best option for you. Large sized wall art paintings does not only make the living room look alluring and enchanting but also adds volume to it. Your living room will look more spacious if you hang large wall art paintings in it. The perfect step to choose a large sized wall art painting for your living room is to look at the furniture of your room and its color, select the painting that perfectly contrasts with the theme of your room. Furthermore, you can always rearrange the setting of your furniture in a way that the large paintings become more visible and clear. Large sized wall art painting are a perfect choice to get mesmerizing wall art done in your living room.

Create a gallery wall
Gallery wall can give you an option to add a number of paintings or the artwork of your choice in a way that looks beautiful and tantalizing. If you do not wish to buy a large sized wall art painting then you can buy a collection of small sized paintings and make a gallery out of them. In case your budget is low and you want to make your living room alluring, going for small paintings is the perfect option for you. Furthermore, small sizes wall art paintings can be arranged in the pattern of your choice. You can hang them at some distance or close to each other, it’s totally up to you. A wall gallery adds aesthetic to the living room. Therefore, it is one of the best art wall décor ideas for living room.

Go for cornered art
Contrast in paintings add an alluring factor to the living room. You always have an option to go bold with by hanging two completely different wall art paintings. These contrasting paintings are important for the creation of a cohesive look that consists of hanging work of the same color scheme, design or the art work of the same artist. The similar framework of these contrasting wall art connects the space by adding creativity in it.

Make it natural
The living room looks the best with nature wall art. By looking at the natural scenery, one feels peace inside. Interaction with nature is very important as it gives us the inner peace. In our busy lives, we don’t have the time to see the natural sceneries and enjoy their beauty. But at least when we are sitting in our living room, interacting with others, we can sense a good feeling by looking at the nature wall art. Moreover, hanging pictures of great men of history will provide the motivation and consistency to achieve our goals. Hanging pictures of beautiful trees, mountains and rivers on the walls of the living room to make it refreshing is a really good idea. However it depends on one’s own interests if he prefers artificial world over the natural, then he should try canvas wall art. Placing the well painted canvas at the center of the wall, doing some ordinary artwork in black and white will look awesome.

Hang decoration pieces
You can also add some decoration pieces in the living room. They seem unusual and by looking at them, one starts thinking about how it would have been made this way. Like if you want your visitors to appreciate your sense of creativity, you should use some wood work and other decoration pieces. There is a variety of decoration pieces that you can hang on the walls of your living room. These decoration pieces can be the enchanting bird nests or the tantalizing wood art or anything that appeals to your eyes. Hanging decoration pieces adds the element of completion in the living room.

Paintings project emotions as well as a message. They are not only made for the purpose of decoration but every painting has a deep message and theme that whirls around it. If you ever wish to give energy and beauty to your living room, you can always use different pieces of art work that appeals to you by visiting an online art gallery like GalleryToday, for example. You should refrain from buying the paintings that are trending but they do not appeal you. Buying the art work that makes you happy is very important. Therefore, whenever you wish to buy a painting, make sure that you are not buying it just because it is trending or will add volume to your living room. There are a number of art wall décor ideas for living room that you can use to make your living room alluring. Small and large sized paintings is one option, hanging decoration pieces is another. It is your choice that decides what attracts you and what does not. So always choose wisely!