Being successful has never been an option for ItsFlxn. He strives for excellence in all he does, and his career as a musician has only proven to be a dream for him. Music has always been the backdrop to his life, and he loves how he has a way to inspire others while also expressing himself creatively.

What really sets him apart from the rest is his ability to rebound and learn from his setbacks. He knows that it’s extremely easy to give up when times get tough, especially when you’re in entertainment. Because of that, he has spent a lot of time building a solid crew around him who will support him and push him to be better.

Perfecting his craft is his main goal for this year, as he continues to put in time in the studio and learn from industry greats. Looking ahead, ItsFlxn is excited to keep releasing fresh tracks like “FLEXXIN” and is always seeking out opportunities to connect with his fans and get their feedback. Later this year, you might even catch him performing some live sets. 

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