Priding himself in being self-made, kylexkane is an artist, producer, and writer making moves on the scene today and hitting career milestones left and right. Catching the attention of fans and industry heads, kylexkane is making a splash ahead of the summertime and is excited to keep putting out fresh tracks for his fans to enjoy.

While on the come-up, kylexkane was grateful to learn from some of the greats and be able to collaborate with them on various projects. Learning the tricks and trades of the industry from his idols has been a highlight of his career, and he’s excited to be playing a similar role for those coming up today. Giving back is a major part of his career and a large reason why he still feels energized by the industry.

Hopping in the studio to de-stress and express himself has been a major blessing to him, and with his innate talents and magnetic personality, he’s been able to produce hits that his fans can’t get enough of. Looking into the future, kylexkane is excited to keep perfecting his craft, connecting with fans, and maybe even hitting some live sets later in the year.

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