Always making it a point to put her all into whatever endeavor she’s approaching, Sarah P Antonella is a powerhouse artist, producer, and writer on the scene today. Knowing that she’s in charge of her own destiny and outcomes in this life, she isn’t going to wait for a miracle to get what she deserves.

Sarah P Antonella points out that the team you surround yourself with is equally as important as perfecting your craft, so she respects the close-knit circle that she’s built. She stresses the importance of constructing a team that will support you and push you to be your best no matter what. The music industry has its fair share of toxicity and negativity, though it is your responsibility to stay the course and not let outside voices get to you.

Gaining respect throughout the entertainment space and having already built up a solid platform and following, Sarah P Antonella is making moves and hitting career milestones left and right. Looking ahead, Sarah P Antonella is excited for her fans to listen and fall in love with her latest single, “REFLECTIONN”, and she may even hit some live sets later in the year.

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