SoundsByTami is a writer and producer on the scene today who is making her mark on the industry and catching the attention of fans all around the globe. Being influenced by her upbringing and her life experiences thus far, SoundsByTami creates tracks that are relatable to all while still allowing them to escape from their everyday lives.

While on her rise to the top, SoundsByTami has been able to meet a lot of important people in the industry and has had her fair share of setbacks. Even still, she doesn’t let this get her down, because she knows that’s where true growth comes from. She is invigorated by each new lesson she has to learn, because she knows it’s taking her one step closer to where she needs to be.

Looking ahead, SoundsByTami will continue to release new tracks, connect with her fans on social media, and maybe even hit some live sets later in the year. Putting in time in the studio is a staple for SoundsByTami, so she looks forward to her sessions each week. Taking her career to new heights has always been a dream, and SoundsByTami shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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