Making her way to the top, Cuban-American artist and producer Yessenia Cossio is hitting career milestones left and right, showcasing her drive and determination for success. With her magnetic personality and clear talent for the craft, Yessenia Cossio is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Hard work and dedication have always been how Yessenia Cossio defines herself, and she’s applied this mentality to her career consistently, which has only propelled her to the top. In any endeavor she sets her mind to, she comes out on top, and moves ahead to her next target.

Having dominated many fields throughout her career, music has been no different, and Yessenia Cossio has been excited to show her fans exactly what she’s capable of creatively. Music has always been a backdrop to Yessenia Cossio’s life, and now that she’s on the other side of the mic, she’s excited by this new avenue to connect with her fans and express herself.

Even when hitting roadblocks, Yessenia Cossio always finds a way to pick herself up, regroup, and try, try again. Her relentlessness and fearlessness have really paved her way throughout the entertainment industry, and her recent tracks like “VIBRATIONN” show off her clear talent in the space.

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