Author: Aon the Artist


Just about a month ago, a vocalist by the name of Chartelli came out of nowhere and dropped her hot pre-summer track “Fresh Out of Emotions”. This happens to be her first song debuting her career, and so far has started out of the gates as strong as possible. 

“Fresh Out of Emotions” begins with a feel-good guitar riff that puts you in a good mood. As the guitar carries on, Chartelli’s catchy hook comes in talking about her being fresh out of emotions. This track comes from a deep place in Chartelli’s past, referring to a former relationship where Chartelli put effort in, but only for it to not work out in the end. 

This concept is not only relatable but also very healing as many have dealt with similar occurrences. With Chartelli’s ability to tell stories mixed with her catchy hooks, it’s refreshing to see an artist start off so strong. So far this is only her first track, but by her strong opening, it’s clear the young singer will have a big career to come. 

Check out Chartelli’s “Fresh Out of Emotions” below on Spotify: