Dara Jazzlyn Poses on Carnival Panorama

Dara Jazzlyn is a jazz-pop artist from Cape Town South Africa who is set to conclude her debut West Coast Tour next week in Boise, Idaho. During her tour, Jazzlyn has developed a unique connection with the Seattle creative community.

Dara is a world traveller, and has recently completed her 8th contract with Carnival Cruise Line. She has performed all around the world with her Carnival connections, but after connecting with the founder of Seattle management company Unleashed Entertainment Caleb Brown, she has performed up and down the West Coast. Stops have included Long Beach, Vancouver BC, Boise, Richland, and she has developed an undeniable connection with the Seattle music scene.

Dara Jazzlyn and PIP3R Pose at Capitol Hill Block Party – Photo by Luis Arellanes

Through her instagram alone, one can see Dara all over Seattle. Beyond appearances at tourist spots such as the Fremont Troll and the Gum Wall, one can see Dara all over the cities creative community. Jazzlyn has been seen at Fibonacci Studios with founder Robert Eyerman and Seattle hip-hop staples such as Ellis Prescott, Nobi and Peaceful Pinder. She’s been seen collaborating as well as with emerging artists such as Vancouver’s David July , and LA’s Esteelo (who both also seem to love Seattle). Dara described Charli XCX’s performance at Capitol Hill Block Party as “incredible”, and the camera could not seem to stay away from her and new artist friend PIP3R (both of them have a whole lot of Block Party content on social media).

Photos from one of Seattle’s top photographers James Gerde emerged at The City’s favorite club Supernova, and one can not forget about Dara’s incredible tour stop at The Sea Monster in Fremont. Through pure assumption and social media stalking, one can assume that Seattle will always have a special place in the heart of Dara Jazzlyn. Perhaps this could be a relationship that brings the Northwest music scene to a more global scale? Who knows. For now, we can only wish Jazzlyn a warm goodbye from Seattle as she makes her way to Vancouver, Boise, and wherever her career takes her next.

Dara poses with the Unleashed Entertainment Crew- Photo by James Gerde
Dara poses with the Unleashed Entertainment Crew Photo by James Gerde