The rain pours down on what is likely his most powerful song and video to date. He puffs his signature cigarette and you hear that TylerB beat build up. The beat drops and you hear the purest vibrato and emotion filled lyrics. The vocals come in, and he has his aviators and chain on: We’re really starting to like this David July kid.
“Can I get enough oh no

Cause I ain’t been enough for no one
Can I get enough oh no
You dare me to go up and down I’ll go
Going through the rough alone
Leave me in the darkness heart turned cold
Can I get enough hell no
Fill my cup and never hold my own”

The hook of Hold My Own is one that simply sticks to heads, and as one looks deeper, the lyrics are that of profound pain. Similar to his influences of The Weeknd, Post Malone, or XXTentacion, July continues to make absolute bangers about his deepest pain. Lyrics such as ‘I can’t amount to good, And I ain’t enough it’s true’ and ‘No one cared about you, Who cares ‘bout you, Nobody cares about you’ ring in the minds of anyone struggling with mental health issues.
“I could never find another need like this

The way the liquor fight with me just like a sidekick
The way the blow was put out on the table lines here
Another line here and another right there
Smoke another cigarette my lungs ain’t scared
Yeah I’ve been through the wringer since a youngin’ lost care”

Lyrics Via Genius

While David may look like your stereotypical privileged Vancouver kid, Hold My Own reveals the darkest pain the artist has shown us yet. A layer of David’s soul is opened up on this track as he talks about addiction to alcohol, benzos, and cocaine. This is a drastic shift from his heartbreak ballads ‘Break The Ice’ and ‘How You Feel About Love’.
All in all, Hold My Own is an amazing track in which we see an artist that continues to develop his sound. His vocals continue to harness, his lyrics continue to develop, and his following continues to grow.
On top of this powerful release, July has announced his debut tour set for 2023. To find when the Vancouver superstar is coming to your city, you can visit or follow him on instagram @davidjulymusic.