Hailing from Detroit, rapper and visual artist Paperclipz is ready to change your idea of Motor City hip hop forever. Coming from an industry background, his place in rap history is just about prewritten. With connections from the north to the south, Paperclipz is on a mission to make his name ring bells across the nation.

Paperclipz got his start in Detroit, Michigan, where fast money and danger are a regular part of everyday life. Inspired by independent rap pioneers like Nipsey Hussle, Paperclipz began pushing his own music some time ago with the help of some friends with their hands equally as deep in the game. Overcoming family woes and the trials of the music business, Paperclipz began releasing music during the pandemic and quickly rose to the top of his respective food chain. His upcoming project “Million Off A MacBook Vol. 1” with super-producer Prezzley P is slated to drop soon, and while 2022 isn’t his first year on the scene it’s sure to be his breakthrough.

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