For those just getting to know about Donny Van Slee, should know that he is one special singer to watch in 2022. Originating from Florida, the young artist decided to drop everything and move to music city Nashville. Since moving, he was able to get plugged in right away the popular broadway scene where he plays every weekend. 


Now getting to show off his talent, Donny Van Slee decided to release “Path of Love” which is a song about asking his highschool crush out to prom. In the cover art, a couple is shown walking down the “Path of Love” which sums up the song.


The song begins with a blues guitar progression that has a happy and uplifting feel. Shortly after the intro, Donny Van Slee comes straight in with his vocals singing, “lets have some fun, some silly fun” alluding to the beautiful, yet playfulness of love.


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