From Hartford, Connecticut, Emilio Mercado Jr. – also known as E. Merc – is an American multi-genre lyricist, singer, and songwriter. Often compared to artists ranging from Drake, J. Cole, and Russ, to Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd; he has no limitations or boundaries to the talent and skill he possesses. Heartfelt and more than often spontaneous, his music can cater to any emotion, allowing him to have a larger reach in influence towards listeners.

We asked E. Merc who he would like to collaborate with and he responded “Drake all day, and not even for the fact that he’s Drake – but to pay homage because so much of my music is a reflection of the artist he was and continues to be. An opportunity to work with Drake and Dj Khaled would be a major highlight of my life”.

His goal is to make his listeners feel happy and free. With so much going on in the world today, there’s so many of us who find it difficult to explore and enjoy life as we’d really like to. Whether facing the judgment of others, fear of failure, or whatever the case may be, he wants people to know he’s doing what he wants in life. Follow E. Merc on Instagram and Spotify to learn more about this up and coming artist.