Peace - song and lyrics by Edwin Boulevard | SpotifyEdwin Boulevard is an indie artist from Nashville with the sounds of John Bellion and Justin Bieber forefront in his music. He is originally from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, moving to Nashville when he was 18 he moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. He  and to attend the world renowned Belmont University to pursue songwriting, and has recently released his single ‘Peace’ and received over 40,000 streams.

Cause I’m not asking any questions anymore All the rejection, second guessing, is gonna lead me to an open door I′m smelling roses, takin’ notice, of little moments Yeah, that’s what I′m living for

Peace is a powerful track about finding inner peace without knowing what will happen in the future. It is truly about stopping to take a breath and to realize that our life is simply not in our own control. The song reflects on the Peace that comes once we stop second guessing ourselves and believe in our inner purpose.

I’m cynical And I hate cliches I know there′s no straight path to healing

You can catch stream ‘Peace’ by Edwin Boulevard streaming on all platforms, and for more about the singer you can visit his instagram below.