Author – Derek Jon Pinder


Seattle has a special treat in store this holiday season December 19th as rising hip-hop star and local legend Ellis Prescott takes the stage at an iconic Seattle venue Nectar Lounge. Presented by Internet Kids this show promises to be one you do not want to miss. Ellis hits the stage at 7:20pm and you can be sure that the energy will be in full fervor in the building. There are even rumors he will play exclusively unreleased new music.

Establishing himself as a master jack of all trades Ellis Prescott is not your typical artist. A successful songwriter, producer, engineer and videographer to name a few, Ellis has developed high level skills across the demands of the industry. These abilities led to the founding and growth of his successful company Town Entertainment and created a vast network across not only Seattle but important music cities like Atlanta and Las Vegas etc. We have seen him make music with the biggest artists of Seattle as well as shoot music videos for them. We have seen him on songwriting credits on some of the hottest tracks out right now. Who knows what Ellis has next up his sleeve not only in the lab but on stage as well. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

His hard work and dedication to expansion in his craft is inspiring and motivating to any up and coming creative. With this long term vision and standard of excellence we can be sure he will put on a show this December 19th at Nectar Lounge!


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