PeepGame MacRam
PeepGame MacRam

Author: Aon the Artist

Recently we were put on to PeepGame MacRam who is a rapper from Tennessee. Many rappers rap for themselves but PeepGame MacRam spoke on his story explaining he has many reasons to make it in this industry. Check out the interview with him below to learn more about the native rapper.


Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?


When living in Nashville TN, getting into the music industry is and always will be a CHALLENGE. I Started with nothing literally and been at this since 2012 and just now starting to get my buzz. It’s like playing the lottery and when you’re writing your rap that’s your lottery ticket. It’s all the matter of you picking and choosing the right words that’s gone cash that ticket out so I’ve been humble and patient. Recently losing my brother October 6th had me thinking I’m the last of my momma’s boys so I got do this for her and my kids – so that flipped a switch in me and the music been on go every since


Where are you from? When did you start music?


I’m born and raised on the east side of Cashville Tennessee. I started rapping in 2012 and was dedicated to it so my daddy turned my whole closet into a studio booth. So whenever I needed, I could wake up and get straight to it or stay up all hours of the night working.


What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?


The most challenging thing I have overcome in life is losing both my big brothers so close together and still trying to continue on with life. It’s hard and still till this day doesn’t get any easier. If it wasn’t for my family and rap there’s no telling where I would be.


How did you get into music?


I got into music by watching my daddy and my uncles do they thing in the studio and when I was young growing up, I had a passion for doing music like them. I would literally go to sleep every night with one song on repeat just to keep the melody in my head. Then the following day I would sit in school during class and write raps in my notebook. I would even rap at school at the lunch table. I recently just started reading the dictionary and thesaurus So I can Expand my vocabulary and become more lyrical to better my craft so all credit goes to pops as to why I got into music.


Are you currently signed or independent?


I’m currently independent however I’ve been pushing the brand PeepGame Empire and rocking with my brothers 34 $oldier Life/Trappin 4 Treasure ENT and I’ve worked with Rich Or Nothing ENT. We all started together so it’s more than a label, to us it’s a brotherhood because we all got the same mission.


What is the purpose/reason driving you to pursue music?


The purpose that’s driving me is my family. I’ve always told myself that I want give my folks a better life and a life they deserve. Most importantly to me though is my two boys who are driving me to go harder and to push my music more. They watch my every move and I refuse to let them go out there and do the same stuff I used to do when I was a kid. I want to get them away from here and go somewhere with new faces, a good school, different scenery, and just in general a life I always wanted as a kid.


Check out PeepGame MacRam on his Youtube and socials below:


IG: @PeepGame_MacRam

FB: @Peepgame Ram

TikTok: @Peepgamemacram