Q.) To start, will you introduce yourself for those who aren’t already aware?

A.) “Hey everyone my name is Cody Gerou and my stage name is C.G”

Q.) Where did your name come from?

A.)”I went by WC Silver, Cypher and then changed it to CG Silver. One night me and the family were at a campfire and my uncle Josh (also a musician) suggested I change it to C.G, it’s my initials so it relates to me and it’s simple and the rest is history.”

Q.) Where are you based out of?

A.)”I’m based out of Traverse City, Michigan. Been living in Michigan my whole life.”

Q.) How old are you and how long have you been pursuing a career in music?

A.)”I’ll be 22 this year I’ve been pursuing music since I was 13, I stopped writing for awhile but later picked it back up as sort of therapy. Since then I’ve been aiming and working to better myself in every way possible.”

Q.) What role or roles do you currently play in the music community?

A.) “I mainly focus on the singing and the writing. But I’ve been working a little on producing on the side, made some nice pieces that I might put on a future project, not sure.”

Q.) What is the process of writing a song like for you?

A.)”I have a couple files with instrumentals. I’ll pick one that I’m vibing with and when the beat starts I just let my heart do the talking. Sometimes I like to try new things and mess around. But with my next project I would really like to dive deeper into making storytelling and more empirical music, I think that’s more my method.”

Q.) Given its harsh demeanor, what is one of the better parts of being in the music industry for you personally?

A.)”I think having the ability to meet new people and learning new things along the way. I mean, just in the past year I’ve made so many new connections and that’s helped me get to where I am today.”

Q.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

A.)”It’s hard to tell what the future has in store. But I’m truly getting better with time and I’m hoping that maybe good things will come of it.”

Q.) Speaking generally, who have been the 3 most influential people in your life? 

A.)”I’d definitely say my parents, Keri and Paul. No matter what I watched them go through, they taught me even when the going gets tough, you keep going forward. Some of the strongest people I know and love deeply. Secondly, my best friend Chandler. I’ve watched that kid countless times overcome any obstacle thrown at him, and every time seems to always outdo himself. And finally, my fiancé Britany. Someone I’ve watched grow and mature over time I have learned so much with her. She’s taught me that I don’t have to be afraid to be myself.”

Q.) What excites you most about being an artist/producer?

A.)”The possibilities are endless, if I have an idea in my head I could easily sit down and put that out musically. It’s such a great feeling and process.”

Q.) What separates you from the rest in such an oversaturated industry?

A.)”Just looking to tell my story and give people something to enjoy as well. I want to aim more towards music you can relate with and realism.”

Q.) What’s driving you?

A.)”Waking up everyday to be better than the day before. I slack sometimes but I got a goal I want to achieve and every time I think of that, I work harder than I did before.”

Q.) What was it like working on this latest project? 

A.) “It got pretty stressful at times. This was my first time working on an actual multi-track project and just trying to piece it all together and make sure everything sounds good, going back and perfecting things. But, overall it was a good experience and I ended up gathering ideas for my next project.”

Q.) What are you currently working on?

A.)”After already moving the dates I’ll be finally releasing my first EP ‘New Horizons’. After putting countless hours and many months into it I’m ready to put it out for the world. After that I plan on taking a small rest to put together another project and hopefully make more connections.”