Ez & Trilla are an Atlanta based Hip Hop artist. Ez & Trilla has recently released visuals for their newest single, “Feel It”. He finds their motivation from their early upbringing and current life activities. When referencing their creation process, Ez said ” most of the time we’ll go in the studio and put on a beat vibe out and punch in and out in the booth. Then sometimes we’ll just sit down and write a song depending on the vibe.” Their powerful tone, hard-hitting lyrics, and catchy melodies serve as a catalyst for their embryonic, hip hop stardom. Currently, Ez & Trilla’s lyrics characterize their everyday life. The Atlanta duo boasts about hard work, an extravagant lifestyle, and staying true to one’s self. In recent weeks, their track Feel It” has been catching viral attention on Youtube and other social platforms..

Ez & Trilla are a supremely talented artist and their success is attributed to their passion, patience, persistence and hard work, as you will always find him in the studio creating bangers.
Social Links:
EZ – https://www.instagram.com/ezbossman/
Trilla – https://www.instagram.com/trillaworld/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/EZTRILLA