Los Angeles-based artist Boyu finally delivers his highly anticipated debut album, Flower Garden, a DIY odyssey into the essence of subconscious. A layered, vibrant record laced with rich, engaging songwriting, Flower Garden showcases Boyu’s versatility- drawing from the best elements of modern indie-pop, alt-rock, and even hip-hop. Refusing to be boxed into one style or sound, Flower Garden captivates with its colorful spectrum of influences, drawing the listener into the songwriter’s world with its euphoric instrumentation and heartfelt lyricism.

Conceptually, Flower Garden takes on a refreshing narrative, with each song taking on its own identity, resembling a different type of flower. Similar to how a real flower garden is carefully arranged by color and symbiosis, Boyu’s 12-song project is carefully curated by the tempo, genre, & overall mood. Providing a character-rich, poignant auditory journey, the project’s theme and infectious sound strike an immediate connection with the listener, leaving a strong impression from the get-go.

Track three, “Monterey”, makes for a project highlight, and is exemplary of Boyu’s potent songwriting style, with its upbeat, energizing sonics and compelling lyricism. This catchy, pop-rock inspired track combines witty lyrics & gritty 90s guitar & drums, perfect for belting at the top of your lungs shamelessly down the open highway. The title track and lead single, “Flower Garden”, is another highly memorable cut that has already been well-received, receiving over 700, 000 streams on spotify alone already. This fan-favorite is a vividly written offering containing warm keys, punchy drums, and an ear-worm bassline that create an emotive backdrop for Boyu’s sharply-crafted vocal performance.

A bright, engaging release overall, Boyu’s debut album makes for an eclectic listen that exhibits much focus in its songwriting, as it takes the listener on a resonant, dynamic journey throughout. Sure to capture the hearts of listeners with its rich sonics, intriguing theme, and emotive poignancy, Flower Garden makes a strong case to join the ranks of pre-eminent underground Indie-classics from the last few years.

Listen to Flower Garden here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4CGnt4roCn7eqED3Ikz4Cg?si=ycMGjSpyQ2aWqHRVD93lYQ