I help homeowners qualify for tax incentives to get solar panels at no cost
Partnered with Sunrun, the nation’s largest solar company for residential installs
We’re in 23 states, powering over 700,000 homes
You might see solar panels start to pop up everywhere in your neighborhood, but do you know why that is? Your neighbors aren’t winning the lottery.
Believe it or not, if your home qualifies, you can panels now without having to pay for them. That’s right, not now. Not later. Not ever. The only catch is that 1 in 4 homes qualify.
New tax incentives are helping homeowners qualify for state-funded programs to get panels now at no cost.
What I’m helping homeowners all over NJ do is get qualified for these programs, & if you’re in 1 of the 23 states serviced by Sunrun, the largest residential solar company in the United States, chances are I can help you do the same exact thing.
Qualifying is a lot easier than you might think. As long as you’re the homeowner, your house gets enough sunlight, & you spend enough on your electric bill, you most likely are a great candidate for these programs.
Why is the government now willing to pay for expensive solar panel systems that were only affordable to the wealthy up until now? Simple. We’re in an energy crisis, & the more homeowners convert to clean energy, the less dirty energy in the power grid.
In NJ, for example, Hurricane Sandy wiped out the power grid, & 11 years later, homeowners are still paying the price for it on their electric bills. 30-40% of the bill is a delivery charge for the power, not even for the power itself, because we’re having our power delivered from other states like PA & Ohio. NJ is not even producing the majority of its power in state anymore & have not for a long time. Going solar relieves the electric company of having to ship in more power from out of state, & it’s actually cheaper for the state to pay for your panels than it is for them to pay the fines if they don’t reach the mandates.
Electric companies are a monopoly, & now most of them are required by state mandate to get more renewable energy into the grid. Most importantly, when you go solar, you take back control of your bill. The electric companies can increase your rates unannounced at any time, and over the years the inflation they significant. When you go solar, you lock yourself into a steady rate & are no longer subject to these kind of increases.
2 million homes already have solar nationwide, & 18 – 20 million are expected to go solar by 2030. Like most opportunities, the earlier you get in the better. 10-15 years ago, when solar was at it infancy, those who got in got the best deal. See if your state has similar programs by contacting …