Fortune Noco recently struck viral gold last week and went viral on Tiktok. The Oakland independent artist woke up randomly on a Saturday morning to his song plastered all over Tiktok.


This came from famous influencer Small Banks, who has 12 million followers on Tiktok, making a Tiktok video to the rapper’s song. This sparked a chain reaction which has since garnered Fortune Noco his biggest support yet. The part that sparked this all was his verse that says, “Bust down got me looking like an icecream”. This phrase is now being coined across the Tiktok platform as Fortune Noco continues to grow.


This viral news is exciting but to no surprise to Fortune Noco and his team. The young artist has been making music for three years and he said he has been waiting for this opportunity and knew it was just a matter of time.


Hear the viral trend on Apple Music: