Summer usually means vacations, beach visits, and lots of time spent relaxing for most people. This is not the case for South Carolina R&B artist Seabash. His last summer was spent gracing the stage with the likes of Jack Harlow, 24K Goldn, Travis Porter, and more. How did this rising star get the opportunity to share the stage with such established acts? Through hard work and perseverance. While others spent their summer vacationing, Seabash was hard at work last spring performing shows in his college town of Clemson, and shooting visuals for his first EP, In A Year. This EP won Seabash over in the hearts of fans, but he wouldn’t stop there.

Seabash would spend the summer doing shows across the southeast, in Panama City Beach, Myrtle Beach and more. Performing at renowned venues like the House of Blues, his talents made a big splash and gained a lot of attention. After his biggest show, this spring headlining at his school’s music festival, what does this summer have in store for the artist? Will we see similar success like he had last year? Or does he have something even greater planned for his fans.

Watch this video of Seabash taking the stage: