We had a chance to sit down with multi faceted recording artist Grand Gulla, check out his current creative endeavors and latest updated below!

Grand Gulla is more than a name $@LUTE is more than a brand and the music is more than a hobby! It’s a passion for greatness and respect for everyone working towards their goals. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I learned knowledge from the streets so I went thru life lessons that molded me to strive for the best and give back to the world.

That is something that shows a lot through my music with my latest single “Rockstar Party” ft Matt Hogenson we branched out and went live band in the studio and brought our lifestyles together and made an amazing project that’s history in the making! Also I’m doing some acting as a character “A-1” as a king pin that’s in the middle of a turf war were police are working both sides wit a cold twist involved called “Fuck Shorty” web series on YouTube Shout-out 2 Melvin Arrington for putting this project together.

For $@LUTE The $ sign represents the money invested in myself the @ represents connections made with others which brings the “lute” together so it is respect for the grind as a whole. From air fresheners to duffle bags to yoga outfits you feel the respect in the building. Big ups to everyone building in Washington building and accomplishing goals God Bless

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