NYC’s Gun Lee is the rapper we all could resonate with in some way, shape, or form. This is rare In a genre that is led with such bravado like hip hop. While other rappers tend to rap about the “hitting the lick” first Gun Lee chooses to rap about Jesus first many times. That is a theme on Gun Lee’s sophomore album being himself as he always has. The Long Island rapper pulls our heartstrings on this personal album, cuts like “Miss My Shawty” and “No Shawty No Cry” show just how vulnerable and transparent Gun Lee can be with listeners. Hearing an NYC rapper rap about “keeping God first” as Gun Lee does on his record “Commandments” opposed to drilling comes off as foreign, but it’s just the breath of fresh air the rap game needs. Gun Lee’s “The Things You Love” is an album that will age like fine wine. Songs like “Healing/Defeated” are records someone could go back to many many years down the line, yet at the same time songs like “Bat Mobile” can turn any room, club, or person up. Gun Lee is a rapper we should all continue to check out.

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