Caleb Mallonee was 100% the weird music kid in high school. Kind of quirky, quiet, and you never really knew what he did after class, he was just kind of there. I know this because I sat across from him in our “extra help” math class for all the kids who couldn’t pass the standardized math test. It was the land of misfit toys, and future internet friends. There were lots of laughs, and we all hated being there. I always wondered though, what does Mallonee do after school? Then I heard his music. 


Hider, who’s real name is Caleb Mallonee, is a solo rock act out of Kennewick, Washington. His sound is something between I Prevail and Seether, with a dark and incredible sound. I am still truly shocked whenever I hear Hider that he’s a solo artist, as the production and amount of live instruments within every track is simply incredible. With soothing vocals and  passionate alternative rock melodies, Hider is an act that the Northwest needs to hear. 


Rexide is an unbelievably skilled rapper out of Kennewick, Washington…who also happens to be Caleb Mallonee. When put side by side with Hider, I simply would not believe you if you told me they were the same person. Rexide goes bar for bar, with an impeccable flow. He is also self produced, and puts out absolutely banging beats on every track he has delivered. 


How does one combine Rexide and Hider? You have a rapper/producer who could go bar for bar on nearly any XXL Cypher, and a rock artist that could open for Machine Gun Kelly in a heartbeat. Both artists have a unique sound that was clearly established by lots of time avoiding the state of Washington’s standardized testing. The detail and fine tuning put into both Rexide and Hider’s music is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist pull off with such proficiency. As a manager, brand builder, and promoter I keep asking myself how to combine these two parallel, but opposite brands. I could put Caleb Mallonee on a bill with Fall Out Boy in a heartbeat, and could book him just as quickly to open for Token. However, which one will he choose if he advances his career? Can he sustain both brands at the same time and be a prominent figure in the PNW Music Scene? Will Hider or Rexide eventually be thrown away in pursuit of one, or will we see a revolutionary double artist arise from the basement of Kennewick, Washington. 


You can follow both Hider and Rexide on their newly separated instagram accounts.