2 Stupid by Hider - Cover Art by Zest God

Hider Delivers Again with ‘2 Stupid’

Washington rock artist Hider has delivered yet another hit with the release of his latest single “2 Stupid”. The moody track comes as a follow up to his recent single “Vampire”, which released in January 2022. 

Hider is not one to shy away from genre bending, releasing incredible pieces under the name “Rexide” when dabbling in the rap genre. However, the young artist has found his niche in the alternative rock scene, brining his dark and emotional sounds to life time and time again.

His new release “2 Stupid” features a colorful, abstract brain on the cover, and the unforgettable hook claiming “i guess you’re too stupid to get it”, describing his painful relationships throughout his lifetime in music. Hider seems to have found the all too common struggle of musicians, that everyone wants to be around you once you see success. Hiders January release “Vampire” reached over 100,000 streams organically, and one can imagine his old “friends” came around once they saw his streaming clout. “2 Stupid” is a painful track, describing the painful side of the music business.

Hider’s new track “2 Stupid” is available now on all streaming platforms, and you can follow him on Instagram to watch his next release unfold in front of your very eyes.

2 Stupid by Hider – Cover Art by Zest God