Hey! How are you doing today?


I’m doing fantastic haha thanks


Where are you from?


Chicago, IL


What is your greatest inspiration for your music?


My greatest inspiration comes from my father who has been my greatest supporter and biggest critic throughout my entire journey. This man would never tell me that a song is good if he didn’t think it was good and that has pushed me to get better with each new song. He is the first person I send every song to, and the last person to hear a song before it goes out for release.


In terms of my style of music, I take great inspiration from artists such as Post Malone, Kid Laroi, and Juice. Lyrically though, I look to a lot of country artists, Luke Combs and Hardy, for inspiration on how to tell captivating narratives throughout my songs. I like to blend a lot of genres together and push myself to make different kinds of music. As a new artist, I’m still trying to find that perfect sound from myself.


Luckily, I’ve found an amazing producer, CJaxx, who has pushed me and helped me find this sound.


What are 3 words that describe your music?


Captivating, Interesting, and Inspiring


What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?


The first song I ever wrote was called “Forever Burning Light”. I was overwhelmed by the loss of my Grandfather to leukemia and the lyrics just flowed. My Grandfather was the cornerstone of so many lives. That song is a testament to his forever burning light in this world. It was that song that put me on this path to continue to write and perform music.


What are the challenges of being an artist?


This year has been the first year that I started taking music seriously. I moved to Chicago after I was accepted into law school. When I moved to the city, I thought I was going to give up on music and pursue a legal career. On the first day of the semester, I met CJaxx, a producer from Indiana also going to law school. Together, we have started pushing each other to be professional and do better. I think the hardest challenge of being an artist so far is also being myself and taking classes. The music industry is a lot like the legal field. Both career paths are very taxing and stressful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love putting in the hours each week into both of my passions. My parents have always told me “you can do anything you put your mind to”, and I have mind set on a lot of different things.


Are you planning on releasing new music soon?


My first EP “New City Same Feelings” is coming this June! I have two singles already out on all platforms that are off of the EP. I plan on releasing music this whole year!