Javoe Rôkour knew what he wanted at the very start of his career – how to figure out “how to “get on”. Every time he had the opportunity to ask an industry professional  “what does it take to get on”? They would always give him the same answers; “find a good team”, “have better production” “stay down”, and yes those are good answers but they were not providing Javoe with any type of strategy or insight. This led Rôkour to figure out the true steps it takes to become successful in the music industry. Of course there are millions of ways to “get on” in the music game but his main focus for the past 5 years has been what the common denominator is. What is the common equation that increases the leverage and probability of a musician being successful today? With that question in mind he passionately sought out the answer, traveling to Houston, NYC, LA, and Atlanta building his relationships, resources and knowledge of the music industry. Now, Javoe has launched his Rôkourding Academy that teaches artists the necessary steps required to increase their probability of being successful in the music game. How to get on. With his method he has helped artists become full time musicians and creators bring in thousands of dollars and millions of followers. The Rôkourding Academy focuses on music business and music marketing resources. Alongside his business partner Sophie Steele, Javoe has created many helpful products that create more opportunities for artists and producers. We asked Javoe for a closing remark, to which he said “I’m willing to work side by side with members of my academy as well as clients to achieve their maximum potential. My goal is to captivate and inspire everyone I work with by setting an example. I understand that resilience and creativity are needed to stand out and I’m prepared to go the distance with the ones that are willing to go the distance with me.”