We got to sit down with Jordan Moss a.k.a The Black Ranger and learned a whole lot about his amazing journey so far and upcoming creatives efforts!

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

My Name is Jordan Moss, I am a Poet, Part-time Superhero, Science Fiction writer and Hip hop artist. I grew up in the sport of Wrestling and treat Hip Hop like a sport. I wrestled at the University of Pittsburgh for 2 years until I ran into injuries. My focus shifted as I started the long journey to find my identity outside of wrestling. I began to fall in love with diff types of art and music. I started to write poetry as a personal outlet and developed an alter ego character called The Black Ranger who is a Descendant of The Black Power Ranger “Walter Jones”. It started out as a complete joke. I would take videos of myself breaking sticks or doing kung fu moves on my snapchat and I would speed up the video so it would look like I would be crazy combos. My friends loved it so I continued it. I didn’t even make music at the time. When I started rapping 4 years ago, this character turned into my alter ego. I’m an avid reader and always lead with my imagination and originality when approaching my art. So when I started to rap The Ranger was truly born.

2. When did you start your business/Directing & Film Career?

My career in Music started when I moved out to Bellingham, WA. I found a job that provided me some free time to create and I just ran with it! I started getting more into acting and filmmaking as my visions for my music videos started to come to me.

3. How did you get into entrepreneurship/film making?

I got into filmmaking when I realized my vision shouldn’t just be music. I fully believed in myself that I could bring my visuals to life. That’s when I linked up with my friend Conor O’Keefe to bring the The Descendant of Zack Taylor Episodes to life.

4. What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

It is a toss up between giving up wrestling and going through giving up my daughter in an open adoption. I grew up wrestling since the age of 4. I have 3 older brother’s who wrestled 2 went on and wrestled at Division 1 programs. Wrestling is huge in Pennsylvania; it is ingrained in the culture. I always had dreams of winning a national title. When I had to get my second labrum surgery At Pitt it felt like I had nothing. I was always Jordan Moss the wrestler and now I had to find a new identity.

After I graduated, When I was 24 my ex called me and told me she was pregnant. Her initial thought was to put the child into open adoption. I had wanted to raise her . I have a big family (youngest of 6) so I was thinking I would just raise the kid. I come from a strong line of men in my family. They all have families and help provide for them. She did not want to co-parent for multiple reasons and I was immature in the past. It was really soul crushing when I came to the fact that I could not raise her and it made me feel like less of a “man”. But looking back it was the best opportunity for her and her parents now are amazing people and I am truly blessed.

The DZT is intertwined with my life and my journey out to the PNW. The story starts in the same spot with my ex and I wondering what to do with the kid. This character symbolizes my overcoming in taking this experience to strive to be better even when it seemed like failure.

5. Are you currently working on any new projects wise, tell us about current projects?

Conor and I are mostly gearing up for Episode 3! We are planning on shooting at Fort Warden in Port Townsend to give it that dystopian feel. I love sci fi and dystopian worlds. I am also working on a Solo Project that I am producing all myself called “Imprinted Rhythms”. And I have another project with my homie Poison Jams (Mac Sinclair) coming out later this year called “Rhetrospective”

6. Who inspires you most as an entrepreneur/creative?

Jeanette Winterson. She’s my favorite writer. If I could rap the way she writes It’s over lol. I also notice I create my best when I’m reading one of her books. Sexing The Cherry is my favorite book by her. The level of avenue of thought I get into is just too on point.

7. What do you want people to take away after consuming your product/series?
I want people to be inspired to be themselves. If They want to rap about perogies and onions and make it sound cool. Do that! If that’s your interest please run towards it because the box is mighty crowded. And most are locked in this cycle of imitation.

8. Any new ideas or companies/projects coming on the way?

The Descendant of Zack Taylor Episode 3.The final chapter to the Trilogy. With the help of my sidekick Mr. Tim (The large cat) We are planning to shoot at the beginning of September. The Ranger heads to Smokey’s Lair to get the Hammer back! I will continue the Descendants of Zack Taylor Series. Right now we are executing the first chapter. I plan on trying to be somewhere in the realm of Jordan Peele/ George R R Martin after I keep executing and continue.

9. What’s your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur/Filmmaker?

I would say my video called, “Coast…”Shot by Keaton Urling. The opening scene it was like 38 degrees and rainy. And I am doing Wim Hof Breathing. I told my friend Keaton that I wanted to pop out of the water and say my opening line “Indigenious as the Aztec”. I was outside in the cold for like 45 mins easily. Just breathing and enduring the wind of the cold. At that moment I realized I can do anything, and can do this for life.

10. Who is one business person you wish you could work with or collaborate with?

Rapsody. I would love to collaborate and produce for her one day. What she stands for and a true Queen doing the craft at the highest level. She is definitely one of my biggest influences Hip Hop wise.

11. Tell us about any new projects or rollouts you have coming? When is it coming out? What is it about?

The Descendant of Zack Taylor Episode 3 will be shot later this summer. Conor and I have been planning.There will be a fight scene and The Ranger is gonna try to get the Hammer back. “Rhetrospective” and “Imprinted Rhythms” That’s all I can say. These will be the 2 projects that let everyone know I’m in true pursuit of the craft. I care deeply about my concepts and I just want to reveal to people what is within.

12. What does a day inside your shoes look like?

I wake up at 5 am. Go to work, normally finish up about 9:30ish. I go for a swim in the ocean (no wetsuit, I have been cold training for a few years now, and have 2 winters under my belt) or workout. I do a lot of HIT style workouts. If I can control my breathing after the kettlebell cleans, I can do it on stage while rapping. I read normally about 1-2 hours a day, then get to writing for a bit, and normally later at night I dive into music creation. I still do have fun and like to hang with friends, but hyper focusing on the craft for some time feels the most fulfilling. I do spend a lot of time out in nature. I love hiking and nothing beats finding a good branch to do pull ups on.

13. Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

My ultimate goal is to build this DZT world to incorporate my 6 band members. They have all their superhero names and backstories. Just got to execute and keep shoving books in my face. And I won’t quit.

14. What are the challenges of being an Entrepreneur/Film Maker/director?

When you first start nobody cares. Nobody even knows who you are. The people you know look at you puzzled and don’t even know how to support you. You study who inspires you and take it in your own direction, and getting to the point where the routine becomes second nature has been a battle. But you chase decades 1 day at a time.

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