24/7 year-round, the fashion industry is running, turning out new trends every time you blink. From a city that never sleeps, Karis Dowe plans to reinvent the luxury fashion industry. An industry that some may say lacks creativity and design. A true artist who cares about the art over profit has let the art build a business for himself. After a star-studded resume of working with Nike, Hugo Boss, Off-white, and Saint Laurent. Karis has done everything from creative content to branding campaigns. Created countless outfits for luxury brands around the world and inspired brands to push the limits of their creativity.

After all the hard work Karis is only starting to commence his master plan. A massive fashion luxury label named UUVO Global with techniques and designs never seen before in such a stale market. Technology meets fashion and creativity meets business. Luxury brands need a revamp and Karis is here to do it.

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