On the come-up today, TheEyerize is a powerhouse artist that is hitting the scene with her trippy beats and hard-hitting rhythms through her music. Always having a passion for EDM and dance music, she is a lover of all genres and grew up listening to artists of many different styles.

She takes inspiration from the greats on the scene today and is excited by the potential of collaborating with them and gaining their wisdom. Throughout the beginning of the pandemic, TheEyerize really struggled to find positive outlets to express herself and stay in touch with her creative side, and making music has really been the best of both worlds for her. What started off as a simple hobby is quickly turning into a full-time passion of hers.

TheEyerize is never one to back down from a challenge, and she’s taking this mentality with her throughout this new venture in the music industry. Having already built up a solid platform in other industries, she has solid backing who are already proving to be super fans of whatever she puts out. Her fans have been receiving her new music well, and she looks forward to continuing to put out new music throughout the year and possibly performing live sets later in the latter months.  

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