Author: Aon the Artist



Retric is a rising star out of Raleigh, North Carolina who has been manifesting dreams all year. His work ethic has set him far apart from his peers. Constructing song after song completely on his own, has allowed his craftsmanship and intuition to shine. The 21 year old artist has already built a cult fan base in the music industry, especially on Audiomack.
The mysterious star is kicking this year off with his weekly singles. He’s showing off creative genius, crafting his own instrumental and vocal work. His 808’s hit with youthful bounce, complimenting ethereal pads while the melodic rapper glides over fine tuned drums. The short, euphoric experience keeps people coming back every week.

Retric has ascended to new heights after dominating Audiomack’s trending chart weekly in 2020. With the help of the Bushwick Productions management team, he has a path straight to the top. I’m very excited to see the Raleigh-native take the world by storm in 2021.

Retric dreams of an ambitious future. His trajectory is only getting higher as his buzz grows on Audiomack. He’s becoming more relevant around the globe. People in foreign countries dance to his trendy music on social media. His music has reached new heights and he’s back to turn it up a notch. For those looking for a unique sound in 2021, Retric is here to deliver.

Listen to RETRIC: