Las Vegas local legend David Kennedy founder of the newest cannabis essential and clothing brand LOUDDPAX A LIFESTYLE BRAND is making noise in the cannabis community, clothing community, and the coffee world self-proclaimed power entrepreneur from the streets of North East Las Vegas. He has many sources of income from clothing stores, to CBD coffee company, to even his own local cannabis line, to exotic car rentals and cultivation growth in Oklahoma he does it all. Coming up from a poverty-stricken area David has turned his struggle into success and riches.

David has been taking Vegas by storm as he was runner up in Las Vegas male entrepreneur of the year 2021 and is continuing to prosper and grow to invest in many different avenues with the goals to create generational wealth and create a name brand that his city can be proud of. He also shows others how to become their own boss and encourages others to create their own destiny, a firm believer in investing in one’s self David has done just that with hopes of making the Forbes list one day he may very well be on track. You can find his store location at 5645 s eastern ave #3 Las Vegas Nv 89119, website and his CBD coffee company located inside Jardin premium cannabis dispensary, oasis dispensary, and a few local coffee shops. If you see his iconic billboards around the city you will be sure to see the swag he provides to the city.


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