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BABYG is a melodic hip hop artist out of South Florida. He was born in California and moved to South Florida in his early childhood, leading him to call the humid streets of South Florida home. G quickly fell in love with the underground music scene and started doing any show he possibly could. The rapper quickly built a name for himself by bringing a raging crowd, stage diving, and started getting on major festivals and label offers. 

G presents a sound that will carry the future of hip hop. Rap’s origin in the 1980’s revolved around lyricism and humor. MC’s like Grandmaster Flash and Will Smith relied on signature humor and storytelling to guide their songs, and this became known as hip hop’s signature element: wordplay. However with the rise of artists like Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert, the genre has become much more based on the melody of the song then the lyrics. BABYG presents the melodic element incredibly. Whether it be in his slow and sad tracks like sugrbaby, or his headbanging tracks such as Too Obvious, BABYG perfectly presents a melody in every song he does. 

These melodies bring massive crowds to his South Florida shows, and are making him one of the state’s most prominent rising artists. He is currently working on the B side of his recent project Fragile, and you can follow his instagram below. 


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