We had a chance to sit down with PNW star Riley Culture and she was kind enough to answer a 10 pack of questions.

  1. Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?
    I am a Cuban-American girl from Florida. I come from a background of faith in God. We were a close-knit family and we had strict parents who worked to provide. So, I’m Grandma raised. My family was also a Seventh Day Adventist family which meant heavy rules (like no jewelry). My Grandma introduced me to Christ, apart from religious practices, and taught me to live life fearlessly.
  2. Where are you from?
    We hail from Cuba. I am a 2nd generation Cuban American. We are mostly in Miami, FL and Cuba. A lot of my family is still unable to leave Cuba, so we see how truly blessed we are to be here, and have opportunities.
  3. When did you start music?
    My father is the music bone. He is in a Spanish Christian band called Arcoiris. He would bring me to his rehearsals and I would sit and listen for hours. At about 7 I started writing my own short songs and poems. At 11 and 12 I started taking singing classes. I had binders and compositions packed full of poems. It was a good outlet for me. In high school I did a 180 from poetry to Hip hop. The similar patterns and rhythmic nature caught my attention.
  4. How did you get into music?
    First hearing Nicki Minaj in high school – I was hooked. Her styles and personalities she displays were inspiring to me. I filled shuffles and every MP3 I could find with her. Next was Drake and Tyga and everything Young Money. My mother definitely didn’t approve of all the new found sounds, but they spoke to me.
  5. What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?
    Dropping out of high school to move with my boyfriend – who wound up getting into an accident; causing me at 18 to move across the country from Florida to Hawaii.
  6. Are you currently signed or independent?
  7. Who inspires you most musically?
    My husband and my father. Nicki Minaj. Ciara. Beyonce. Missy Elliot.
  8. What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
    My music is about things that I’ve been through and I believe a lot of people can relate to my stories. If they are currently going through something, or haven’t yet overcome something and they want to find someone to relate to – they have me.
  9. Any new music coming on the way?
    Yes. I intend to release a few more singles in the near future. Next, will be my album. We are currently working on this now.

What’s your greatest achievement as a musician?

Releasing my first single, which I never thought I would do btw, was ground-breaking for me. Putting my personal stories in my music for the world to hear and experience has become something I am very proud of.

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