USA Ragers is a strong event organizing company that has scaled in the face of a pandemic. With lockdowns on the horizon and different social obstacles to overcome, USA Ragers has established itself as a prominent participant in the party promotion and live music industries. USA Ragers, founded by Mike Bleifuss, has captivated the attention of Generation Z. Teens from all across the northeast attend USA Rager tournaments. Each event, with thousands of attendees, provides tremendous networking opportunities.

The New York-based startup seeks to provide young adults with regular opportunities to hear live music from their favorite performers. “At a basic level, my motivation is to provide entertainment and a way for students to enjoy themselves. At a deeper level, I intend to provide talented musicians, artists, and others with a platform to project their ability.”  Mike Bleifuss noted.

USA Ragers allows popular young musicians to broaden their horizons. Many Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube influencers and artists attend USA Rager events to network and promote their brand.

Mike Bleifuss detailed the process of expanding USA Ragers in an interview. Mike uses his growing reputation, industry contacts, and social media expertise to boost ticket sales and overall event acceptability. Mike’s social expertise has allowed USA Ragers to develop tremendously in a short period of time.

The future of USA Ragers is bright. Follow Mike Bleifuss on social media for the most up-to-date information on USA Ragers news and activities.

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