Author: Aon the Artist

Just recently we had the chance to sit down with the Seattle local rapper Pompeiii. Pompeiii has recently been making waves in the scene and below is his backstory on his music journey.


Hi Pompeiii, Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?


I come from a family of discipline, education, intelligence, Christian Faith, and drive. We are all spread out now, much like the rest of the cultures. 


Where are you from?


I was born in Atlanta, GA. Raised partially in Hawaii and Florida – but I’ve traveled everywhere in between. Thus, the nickname “Hood Surfer” was born. Home will forever be to me, any place that teaches you something or you grow in. So Seattle is Home right now.


When did you start music?


I learned my first song top to bottom when I was 3. My brother ghost wrote my first song for me at 4. I was in spoken words and poetry slams by 5. I was taking it seriously by about 11 and writing compositions full of lyrics – freestyling non-stop on the way home from school, battling whatever! I turned about 20 and got more serious. Starting marketing myself, releasing music and doing shows in Florida. I was under a different alias then. I rebranded and went hard. Started treating this like a life instead of a thought. Applying myself to the goals.


How did you get into music?


My mom would always tell this story about how when I was a baby, she would be pushing me in a stroller and I could be fast asleep – out cold… and as soon as any car passed bumping loud music – I would jump out of my sleep and start dancing and bopping to it. Like I was never sleeping, just waiting on the beat drop! I guess we knew I was made for this since then. Since that time, I’ve tapped into nearly every genre, and without fail, haven’t found one I don’t like. Rap in the 90s was a guarantee for a black kid, hip hop was the culture. You just needed a sibling old enough to put you on; and there is no way you wouldn’t have wanted to be a rapper. 


What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?


There are 100 answers to this question. I’ve climbed a few mountains and God saw me through the other side of them. Drugs. No Father. Being a Father. Fitting in. Plenty. 


Are you currently signed or independent? 


Independent. Been marketing, placing, promoting, developing, distributing and teaching myself. 


Who inspires you most musically? 


I can’t say most or least. There’s too many Greats. But…Jay, Wayne, Khaled, Travis Scott, Fifty Cent, Tyler the Creator, Ye, Drake, etc. This list could go on forever. Those are just the musicians. 


What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?


In some of my craziest or most reckless moments, I always had a song that would bring me to a balance like a ‘songbird’ or like a beacon. It would keep me grounded and remind me of whatever I need to keep moving forward. It felt like every word in that song would speak to my life. I realized later how blessed this makes me, and wanted to grow my relationship with God more. But that’s what I want for the world… I want a new Pompeiii album to catch you just as you’re in your moment and be there with you – reminding you – shaking your core!


Be sure to check out Pompeiii on Spotify below: