Alabama native OG PRESSURE, is a 4x chart topping artist, producer, songwriter and CEO of Rocket City Records Inc. Coming from the streets of Berkley & Hazel Green Alabama, he got an early start in music as a teen being introduced to R&B, Hip-Hop, Country and pop music.

By 2012, OG PRESSURE inked his first deal with Slip & Slide Records and although it didn’t work out, it laid the groundwork for what has become Rocket City Records. It’s clear to see that the Alabama artist is set to stamp his name in the Hip Hop scene. While gradually establishing himself as a successful producer in early 2013, Growing up in Alabama in the 90s he was heavily influenced by Rap icons T.i, Jeezy, and Boosie. Combining With Whitney and Tank’s music to mellow it down, along with country artist, Jason Aldean. This also inspired the ground work to create music and compositions for all genres including Rock and EDM.

 It’s clear to see the musical interests came from all genres and the Alabama artist is set to stamp his name in the Hip Hop scene.

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