What is your name/stage name?
My Biological Name Given Is Kristie Jovan Betts & My Stage Name Is Poohskie Tha Differential Babi
Where are you from?
Where I’m From Is The Trenches Of Westside Of So Saint Louis
What do you do?
What do I do I’m a Musician that Write Music, Poem’s, & Working on a Book Of My Life Story
How long have you been making music?
How Long Have I been Making Music I’ll Have To Say Since A Youngin In Elementary school So At Least 20 Years Now
What was your first song/project?
My First Song/project I Ever Did Solo is Called Free My Crew
Who’s your inspiration?
My Inspiration has always been God & Installed within myself but I’ll have to Say @DjShaunG, Swaggertown Records & Crew, With Steve Harvey Twitter Notification On Because He Inspires Everyone To Never Give Up On Self.!
What are some features you have?
What Features I Have Are Old With My Cousin Matt & Twone B  When Were A Group Called MPT
Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?
A Celebrity that I’ll Love To Work With Dead Or Alive Would Be Tupac Shakur
Are you signed to a label?
Am I Signed To A Label How Amazing To Ask Because I Did Just Recently Signed A Partnership & Now Have A Music Distribution Deal With Yer-Label
Who are your biggest supporters?
Who’s My Biggest Supporters I would have to say My Ol’burd, My Loving Grandmother June & My Big Cousin Crystal Because She Stay Playing My Songs From Soundcloud Platform
What are you currently working on?
What I’m currently working on is some fire music that Hits One Of A Kind Music Waves. That Grasp Many Listening Plays
What is your latest release?
My Latest Release Is Envy & No Tears Which Are Up On Soundcloud Platform
When is your next release?
My Next Release is Something Even More Heartfelt that I’m Working On and Want To Bring Many Listeners So Hopefully Soon Or By the Beginning of October
Where is one place you want to travel to perform?
One Place I Would Love To Travel To Perform Would Be Hollywood, Switzerland or Canada
Who’s someone you can see yourself on tour with?
Someone I can see Myself On Tour With Is Swaggertown Records Crew & Luh Baby
Instagram – Poohskie Tha Differential Babi
Twitter- Poohskie Tha Differential Babi