Rey King, the multifaceted artist, producer, and songwriter, is proud to announce the release of his highly anticipated project, BLKTINO VOL2. Following the success of BLKTINO VOL 1, this album presents 11 captivating songs that seamlessly blend Latin rhythms with rap/hip-hop lyrics, encompassing the essence of Afro-American and Latin urban cultures.

Rey King’s immense talent shines through as he takes on the roles of producer, recording artist, mixer, and writer for all 11 tracks on the album. With a fresh infusion of talent, BLKTINO VOL2 features exciting new voices such as Lucky Bossi, Freddy Millionss, El Prieto, among others. Additionally, the album boasts collaborations with legendary and iconic voices, including Magic Juan of Projecto Uno featured on “Con Usted,” and Fraga from the salsa band DLG featured on “Gelatina.”

Each song on BLKTINO VOL2 incorporates elements of reggaeton and dancehall, creating an irresistible undertone that perfectly complements any dancehall reggaeton summer playlist. The album’s production took place in multiple studios across Broward County, Florida, with significant contributions from YGMG Studios and Da Vibez Studio. The mastering of the album was entrusted to the skilled hands of Chris Athens.

The first single from the album, “Bala Perdida,” has already achieved remarkable success, accumulating over 7.8 million views on YouTube and peaking at #16 on the Billboard charts. Its infectious energy and captivating visuals have resonated with fans worldwide, propelling it to the top ten on iTunes and maintaining an upward trajectory.

To further enhance the listener’s experience, BLKTINO VOL2 has already released four music videos, with plans underway for additional visuals in the near future. Rey King’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive artistic experience is evident in his attention to detail and dedication to his craft.

BLKTINO VOL2 is a testament to Rey King’s ability to bridge the gaps between cultures and musical genres, resulting in a fusion that captivates audiences. With its vibrant beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and infectious energy, this album is set to make a lasting impact on the music industry.