Q.) What is one thing people get wrong about you and your music?

A.) Sometimes people think I only do one type of genre till they actually hear my music

Q.) What does everybody always get right about you and your music?

A.) That my drums hit hard af

Q.) What would you be doing now if it weren’t for music?

A.) I’d probably still be pursuing a career in dancing honestly

Q.)How long have you been a music fan?

A.)all my life. My first piece of music was Daft Punk- Around the World

Q.)What is the most accurate description of your musical taste?

A.) I listen to more underground music more than I do mainstream & mainly listen instrumental 90% of the time. So my taste is different

Q.) What is your history? 

A.) Started making beats on a Zoom Rhythm when I was kid, that was my first ever piece of hardware I owned. My brother got into dj’n a little bit so I would watch him practice, but never got into it but was always fascinated on how you blend music together like that. Fast forward to 2020 pandemic hit got laid off work & decided to take music full on & have been consistently releasing singles ep’s & albums every month. While on top of creating social media content. That’s the gist of the my history don’t want the story to be too long.

Q.)What drew you to rap music in the first place?

A.) Again my brother introduced me to music in general. When I got older he played lots of Wu-Tang, Nas, Rakim, Gangstarr, Slick Rick. Just to name a few. Just loved how hip hop was as a whole.

Q.) What style do you have when it comes to performing?

A.) I couldn’t really say to be honest, cause I haven’t performed live yet just yet. But we will see what happens later down the line though.

Q.) Which of your projects has been your favorite so far, and why?

A.) I think my favorite project was my most recent one (Odd World) cause it displays all aspects of my life. When I was a dancer, how I got introduced to EDM & hip hop. You can hear that through my beats  & it has more of my personality in this as well.

Q.) How did you realize that music was your path to success?

A.) I’ve always been drawn to music & I knew that’s what I wanted to do whether that would be dancing or producing music.

Q.) When did you realize music was your path to success?

A.) The moment I got laid off from work in 2020 I knew I wanted to go all in on my music. Once I bought my mpc live it was pretty much a wrap at that point, cause I knew I was locked in.

Q.) Which skill would you be least willing to give up if you had to, and why?

A.) This may sound weird but it’s part of who I am. One skill I would not want to give up is when I’m mixing my music, it’s like I can feel the spaces & pockets move with certain instruments. Hard to explain but I can just feel it, like I’m tapping into something completely different.

Q.) What are your plans to make a difference?

A.)Just having the ability to continue to being myself without having someone control me on what type of music I should be making or whatever. I’ll always do me & never follow trends.

Q.) What fashion icon do you admire and why?

A.)Can’t really say that I have one. I go by what I like & try to set my own trend instead of following others.

Q.) Where do you see your career going?

A.)Who knows where it can take me doors open & close all the time. The only one who knows that is the man above. Whatever he has planned for me on this journey I’m ready to take it on.

Q.) What’s your all time biggest goal, that thing that always keeps you working hard?

A.) To show my son that anything is possible when you put your mind to something & that you’re passionate, determined & have the drive & will power to continue. This is a long game & I want to always be able to give people my music till my last breathe. Want to leave a legacy, so that when I’m gone my music can take care of my family.