Seed, the Engineer, is a rising audio engineer in the music industry. He started his career as a kid writing songs and making music with his sister, and after teaching himself how to play guitar and a little piano, he started producing and then began DJing around the same time he started doing live sound for his church.

Now, Seed has worked with Empire, taken his own clientele, and even worked with Skywalker Ranch for their then-upcoming show “She Hulk,” which was nominated for a Golden Reel Award. Lately, he has branched out and started recording more orchestras and small ensembles.

Seed understands that the industry doesn’t change as much as the technology and organizations do, so he stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in his industry through the help of his colleagues, who offer him unique perspectives and approaches.

As for his advice to those starting out in the field, he says to keep an open mind and to do your best, even if it doesn’t pay, or pay well. According to Seed, teamwork is crucial, and he approaches collaboration by focusing on what’s best for the song, regardless of whose idea it is.

Seed faces many challenges, including people and time. He believes that it’s essential to set boundaries with people, including oneself, to make sure that time is well-spent with family and oneself. But despite the challenges, Seed is level-headed enough to persevere through it all, and his best is more than just good enough.

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