A high-level promoter does for a performer what a road does for a car—they lay the path for the subject to follow. Shantelwithasexys has been channeling her passion to help others reach heights they can’t reach themselves through her work as a marketing manager and promoter. For Shantelwithasexys, it’s her passion to educate and spread the sounds of new artists in her community that inspired her career in the promotion and marketing aspect of music.

Shantelwithasexys was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica with an energy to encourage people to hone their passion and make it their craft as well. Her appreciation for life is contagious and difficult to resist even for the grouchiest people in the room. She cites the reason for her getting up every day being her hope to create a world of peace, love, unity, and respect where people are free to pursue their dreams.

She draws immense passion from music and says her demeanor about life is influenced by the music of Bob Marley, Glen Washington, Chronixx, and reggae music in general. Aside from music, she practices martial arts and, in the past, has served as a coach for kids on the mat. She takes great pride in her Jamaican roots, country girl flair, vegan diet, openness as a lesbian, and her affinity with crystals. All things Shantelwithasexys should be sought out on her Instagram and YouTube pages which she is actively expanding.

IG- @shantelwithasexys / @baseoflife111 / @bassoflife

TikTok- shantelwithasexys

Website: baseoflifemarket.com