Siilawy is a Palestinian native who is a staunch alternative music head and a classically trained musician. He’s not only a recording artist but also a songwriter, lyricist, and composer. His songs “Qodam ElKol “and “Lessa Ma’aki” steadily generate buzz. During COVID and in the past 2 years, he generated over 90 million views on his youtube channel and over 680,000 Instagram followers who describe themselves as his family. Always desperate to achieve a career in music, Siilawy works day and night to make his dream a reality.

Siilawy also recently connected LXIV 64, another big name in the music scene, to develop another banger, “Shadows,” set for release towards the end of January 2022. After two short years, Siilawy already has some big-name projects and composing some ‘gold-certified hits. 2021 was a big year for Siilawy, and 2022 will be more significant for this star. Brace yourself for Siilawy and get ready for an emotional roller coaster.


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