Toronto-based rapper Snackz has just released his newest single, “Wait For It,” featuring production by DLL and distribution by WMT Music. The single, which dropped on March 25th, has already made waves in the hip-hop community, climbing the iTunes American Hip Hop charts to peak at number 47.

“Wait For It” is a testament to Snackz’s unique sound, blending trap beats with introspective lyrics that delve into the struggles of his personal life. The track is a departure from Snackz’s earlier work, showcasing his growth and versatility as an artist. The song’s hook, which features a catchy melody and confident delivery, is sure to stick in listeners’ heads.

With the success of “Wait For It,” Snackz is poised for even greater heights in the hip-hop world. His partnership with DLL and WMT Music has allowed him to create a single that truly captures his artistry while reaching a wider audience. Fans can expect even more exciting releases from Snackz and his team in the future.

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